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On The Road: Cattle Drive

Driving across West Virginia I often come across interesting, and sometimes odd things that attract curious attention.  One such occurrence recently happened to me while driving along Rt. 20 from Buckhannon to Clarksburg.  A part of that road goes through the small community of Peck’s Mill in Barbour County.  Years ago there was an old store located in the community and as far as I could tell that was the only reason the speed limit actually dropped along this short stretch of highway.  Traveling north, just after passing where the old store used to be, thCattle Drive Onee driver negotiates a moderate turn and then passes over a small bridge before hitting a long straight stretch that I was always excited to see so I could pass whatever slow-poke who was in front of me at the time. On this day, however, as I hit the straight-a-way, cars were stopped for no apparent reason.  I hadn’t seen a consCattle Drive Threetruction sign and so I had no idea why vehicles were just sitting there.Cattle Drive Two

Cattle Drive FourThat is, until I saw a movement in the distance at the other end of the road.  A man had stopped traffic and was looking in the same direction.  I couldn’t make out the dark movement ahead in the distance, but it seemed to slowly grow and I could tell something large, black and apparently rumbling, was coming my way.  As this dark mass got closer I laughed to see a herd of cows being driven by a cowboy driving a pickup truck.  It was disappointing not to see a horse, but then, one doesn’t see a cattle drive in West Virginia every day.  I took some pictures of the curious event and felt nostalgic forCattle Drive Five days of yesteryear when this wouldn’t have been such an uncommon sight.

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