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City Teen Who Visited Greenville in 2012

(The following post is courtesy of Taya McCormick, at the time a high school sophmore from Virginia Beach who visited Greenville, WV in 2012.  Taya wrote the blog and included a few of the photos you see in the article.  We’re reposting the blog on MonroeCo.WVyourWay.com and once again thank Taya, who is now a member of the United States Navy!)

I took a trip to Greenville, West Virginia after finding my interests on MonoreCo.WVyourWay.com, and I absolutely loved it. Everything about it was beautiful. I read the history behind Cooks Old Mill and walked around and took some pictures of it. It’s a very big building and very old.

The old mill located along Rt. 12 in Greenville.

Right across from the building is a red wood Mill. It is really pretty because there are flowers all around it and its interesting to learn about what happened in our history.  Beside the Old Mill building there is a little creek and the water is quite cold. The creek is cold because the water runs from a cave into the creek. I sat down and enjoyed the beautiful view from the picnic table that is under a tree that gives shade. On the other side of the Old Mill is a little building that looks like a house made out of wood. Inside of the little building are two looms that are made out of wood. They were used to make wool. It was interesting to look at the looms because we don’t have them anymore and we have gotten rid of most of them. I also think it is interesting to know that women used to sit there for hours and do it. I liked looking at them because we get to know more about how the world was back when we didn’t have all the technology that we do now.

Looms inside one of the buildings at the mill.

When I walked around the creek I saw some really pretty flowers that surrounded it. It was nice to look around and see all the wonderful colors of the wild life. I really enjoyed walking around and looking at nature. The thing I enjoyed most was the bridge that covered the creek water. It was beautiful and I could spend the whole day standing there on the bridge. It was so quiet and the sound of the creek was very peaceful.

Footbridge across the creek below the mill.

Beside the bridge there were two porter potties that you can not use but they are there to look at because that’s how it was back then. If you look across the bridge you see a man made waterfall that lets the creek water from the pond into the running creek that runs under the bridge. When you go across the street there is more nature and more of beautiful scenes. I also saw some ducks and little baby ducks. It was a great day and I enjoyed going to the Old Mill. I also went to – and enjoyed the animals that were there. There were some weird kinds of animals that let me take some pictures of them. I also saw a lot of deer which not a big deal because here in West Virginia the state has a lot of deer. I enjoyed driving in the car and looking at the different kind of animals that – have. Now I know why it is named Greenville because it is filled with nature and the beauty of it is nature. I got to see a lot of interesting things when I visited Greenville and I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and I recommend it for everyone.

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Sleeping in a Barn

As a kid growing up in West Virginia, two of my favorite games to play were played in a barn.  Hide and Go Seek was fun because there were so many places to hide.  Playing tag in a barn was almost like a maze with things to dodge, climb and swing over.   Once I found the perfect hiding place, which was a barrel where the farmer would put all his garden tools like shovels, hoes and rakes.  Since they had long handles, all I had to do was push them aside and sit in the bottom of the barrel where the tools angled on one side at the base and acted as a covering where the handles leaned against the rim on the opposite side at the top.

Beyond the couch are the stairs leading to the loft.

The other fun game to play in a barn was tag.  One time I ran out of the barn, jumped  a  fence, and ended up spending the next fifteen minutes trying to pull my shoes out of the knee-deep mud where they had been sucked off my feet.  The good news was that I didn’t get “tagged”, ’cause no one would come in after me.  (If you’re a country kid, then you know that stuff I sunk knee-deep in wasn’t really mud.)

Recently I was in Berkeley Springs which is located far into the eastern panhandle.  This time I got to stay in a barn that had been converted into lodging.   The fun part was that this place was so unique that I felt like I had gone back in time.  The place had been a working barn, until Ed George, decided to convert it into one big open place for visitors to stay.  The barn is chocked full of antiques and curios that had me wandering around in a process of discovery.  If there hadn’t been a satellite TV available, I would have felt like I was in an old black and white movie set in a foreign land where people lived as best they could. 

Even thought the place had all the modern conveniences, it had so many older things, like old wood stoves and antique farming tools, to old books and a bathroom that has to be seen to believe.  Taking a shower the next morning was like climbing down into a cellar.  Not that it was cold and damp, but more because it was big, concrete and deep.

If you have a big family, or want to visit the place with a few families, then this place is ideal.  Everyone in the family should like it, provided you’re not looking for luxury and glamour.  You can find it on www.WVyourWay.com by clicking on the Lodging heading and then checking the keywords Cabins, Pet-Friendly or Vacation Home Rental.  You can also find it under the Tourism heading and Tennis Courts keyword.

If you want you can play Hide and Seek, don’t worry, there is no “mud” to contend with.

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