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The Best Hot Dogs in West Virginia (Poll)

If you want to start an argument in West Virginia, the best way to do so is to start talking hot dogs.  After all, is it chili or sauce that goes on a hot dog?  Does a true West Virginia hot dog have to include slaw?  Is it really a hot dog if no condiments are put on it?  The best part of any argument; though, is who has the best hot dogs in the state?
My personal choice was always the Clendenin DQ hot dog.  You see, my relatives livedhintondq near Clendenin and as a kid whenever we went to visit them the treat of the trip was to get hot dogs at the Clendenin Dairy Queen.  Never mind that my brother-in-law said they tasted like a wet paper bag.  To me, they were heaven.


New River Citgo


Hinton Dairy Queen
Then, in June, the floods hit and the Clendenin DQ was destroyed and the word on the street is it will not be rebuilt.  I am now in search of the new best hot dog in the state of West Virginia.  I’ve had hot dogs all over this state and I must say that there are some delicious hot dogs out there.  Which begs the question…
Who has the best hot dog in West Virginia?


King Tut Drive-In
Since I’ve not had a hot dog at every hot dog place in the state, then I’m going to ask you what you think.  I’ll include some of the good places I know about, and I’m also going to include some of the places I’ve heard about, but haven’t yet the opportunity to sample.
If your favorite hot dog venue isn’t included in the poll, please let me know about them in the comments section so I can possibly include them in a new poll.


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